Powerboats and Catamarans


Quarterly hull cleaning                                 $6 usd/ft.


Off schedule / First time/Heavy Growth hull cleaning         $8.00 usd/ft.

Extreme growth up to 10 usd/ Ft.



Average wait time +/- 2 weeks 



Quarterly hull cleaning                                 $4 usd/ft.



Off schedule / First time/ Heavy growth hull cleaning         $6.00 usd/ft.

Running gear cleaning and 2 zinc installs    $120.00 usd/ft.



Zincs installs


Shaft , Trim , Rudder zincs                           $12.50 usd/ per install.

transome zinc / plate                                   $15.00 usd/per install.

truster zincs                                                 $15.00 usd/per install.

Sail Drive zinc install                                    $20.00 usd/per install.


Plus cost off the zincs / anodes.

We charge retail price for the zincs and use only the best zincs anodes on the market.


Propeller removal and install


Depends on size propeller and shaft size . Please inquire .

 call us at: 832-287-3964 



Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm . 24/7 Emergency Diving

Good Vibes

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